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Explorer Carryall

Explorer Carryall

Meet the Explorer Carryall by Wendell Supreme Shannon, a rare gem in the realm of luxury. Crafted in limited quantities, each piece embodies an exquisite blend of sophistication and practicality. This masterpiece commands attention wherever it goes, inspiring a daring spirit in those who appreciate both opulence and functionality.


Preorder today.

  • Specs

    •30" x 8 ribs, auto-open golf size for superior coverage

    •Double layer canopy for lasting durability

    •Opulent Royal purple interior

    •Optimistic orange exterior palette

    •Precision-crafted with fiberglass shaft and ribs

    •EVA handle for ergonomic comfort

    •Experience luxury with a 53-inch open diameter and 39-inch folded length.

    Preorder now for June delivery.

Expect shipment by September 2024
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