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Creating opens up an  arena to pursue distinction and push my limits, with no rules to obey but my own. The world is full of people who will doubt you, but the biggest factor in your success is often you. We might feel like we know what we’re capable of, but a new experience can bring something new out of us. My artwork allows me to constantly challenge myself, whether by meticulous detail and accuracy or trying new materials.


Inspired by the art of Mondrian and Frank Stella, geometric abstraction derived from either imaginiative or visual confrontations finds its way to large canvases where I often work  with acrylic, texture, and experimental mixed media. My work honors legacy incorporating specific elements that spark memories of our ancestors or life lessons. Just as I use my art to revive the memory of those who are gone, my art is also how I create my own pursuits.


 My work appoints the determined action to transform and constantly evolve  becoming a source of power that you can own as soon as you choose it.

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