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 “Perfection is building small ideas into great achievements.”


Wendell Supreme Shannon has been creating professional works of art since 2010. Prior to that, he began applying his imagination on pieces of paper as mere scribble. It wasn’t until he added color to his chaos that it all began to make more sense.


Still an amateur, mentorship gave more meaning and purpose to his expression when he was guided by renowned Artist Larry Poncho Brown. That exposure, under experienced training, gave him first-hand insight that would’ve taken years of trial and error. 


After discovering a rare style of shapes, called geometric abstractions, he was able to combine an array of vibrant colors with precision. The end results were colorful expressions of art that introduced him as a trend setter in Baltimore’s art community before word of his works spread into arenas he never knew existed. 


His influences in the geometric movement have been the works of Frank Stella, Piet, Mondrian, and William T. Williams, to name a few. While appreciating the creations of those he admires greatly, his brush strokes tell a story that reflects his talents in paintings, murals, and sculpting. 


After showcasing his art globally, Mr. Shannon returned to his community because the need in Baltimore was so great. He organized a public art project in the Poe Homes community and became a part of organizing other community art events around the town, including a Black Lives Matter mural approved by Baltimore City Mayor’s office. These features were recognized in the national publication of Essence Magazine, the Baltimore Sun, and the Baltimore Times. That opportunity led to public speaking events where he has been an outspoken panelist in his love for creativity and a guest speaker in various art related symposiums.


His natural talent is an inspiration to others who admire his creative works which also include becoming a children’s book author. Now with years of experience and an expansive resume, Mr. Shannon is mentoring committed artist. Whether it’s art imitating life or life imitating art, Mr. Shannon had to experience valleys and peaks in efforts of redefining himself. Over a decade worth of commitment led him to the next level in the art industry when he officially became a gallery owner.

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